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Document Management Solutions

High speed scanning

ScanFront 300P obtains exceptional scanning speeds, even with full-color documents, using parallel data transfer with a 1-line CMOS sensor and a new advanced CPU for faster processing.

Compact and robust

The ultra-compact body size of ScanFront 300/300P allows for easy placement in limited spaces, while its robust design is sturdy and strong. Rigid trays for both feeding and output fold inward to protect the screen when not in use.

Four USB ports

Four convenient USB ports provide suitable places to affix keyboards, a mouse, or USB memory. One port placed at the front right of the body ideally simplifies Scan To USB Memory execution.

Easy operation

Excellent visibility with the wide 8.4inch SVGA (800x600) high-definition touch screen allows you to have a better view of control keys and postscan documents.

Enhanced scanning functions

In addition to the already impressive line-up of image processing functions available with earlier models, ScanFront 300/300P adds such convenient functions as Auto Color Detection, Folio mode, and Long Document Scanning mode.

Network sending functions

Scan to mail, FTP, Fax, Printer, USB Memory and Folder

ScanFront Administration Tool

One window on your PC now provides the integrated device management capability for an administrator to maintain multiple scanners.

Fingerprint authentication

Not even an activation button has to be pressed. If you have a User account on the device, simply sweep your finger over the sensor to gain access. Up to 100 users can be registered to a device.

Index file creation

ScanFront 300/300P can create and send a customized index file at the same time as image file creation and distribution when sending with the Scan To Folder or Scan To FTP functions. This index can simplify file sorting and retrieval.


Inland Technology offers a number of document management solutions including:


MFP options

Scanner bundle demo

MFP scanner software demo


Capture Solution 

Capture Solution– a business scanner paired with powerful software to allow the transfer of all of your paper documents to searchable electronic files. Both scanner size and software can be tailored to suit individual business needs. Introducing a smart Capture Solution will significantly reduce paper storage requirements by capturing documents electronically and filing them. A Capture Solution can operate independently, or as the first implementation stage of a future ECM system.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System - An ECM is a comprehensive solution which captures, secures, stores, retrieves and backs up all business information. This allows a business to access documents from anywhere in the world, deliver documents quickly and securely to others, and report on user activity, document history and document disclosure. ECM solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses operating in today’s paper heavy and regulatory driven environment. Evidence can be seen of ECM in many government processes (such as submitting BAS statements) and in large organisations such as banks (your bank file is filled with electronic copies of your identification, mortgage papers, purchase contracts etc). Having to supply documents in electronic format means most businesses are already capturing some of their documents electronically. However an intuitive ECM solution organises this information and adds more layers of convenience and protection.

Automated Workflows ECMs


Automated Workflows ECMs can be used to automate standard business processes, routing any document through a specified path encompassing a variety of actions, all the while tracking the process and alerting users to the arrival of a new assignment.

Electronic Forms E-Forms

Electronic Forms E-Forms can be hosted on a website or intranet, completed electronically and submitted into an Automated Workflow. This technology utilises input rules and drop down lists and can ensure mandatory items are completed prior to submission. This can significantly reduce double handling, input errors, data loss and rework. Scanning Bureau Inland Technology Document Management provides an onsite or offsite service to scan historical paper documents into an ECM environment.

Scanning Bureau service

The Scanning Bureau service is tailored to business needs; we rent an appropriate high-end, high-capacity scanner with smart technology, train the staff required to operate the machine and then scan and file documents into the ECM system.

Servicing Document Management  

Servicing Document Management

At Inland Technology, we service what we sell. Covering an area of 330,000 ²km, we have the greatest amount of technicians within our industry, which means the relationships with our clients continue well beyond the sales process.


Managed Print Solutions 

Managed Print Solutions When Inland Technology Managed Print Services first began, our focus was around selling machines; photocopiers,copiers, printers, scanners, faxes and all related accessories. With the convergence of networked technologies, there is enormous scope to provide our clients with sophisticated solutions which enable all of these devices to be streamlined and transparently managed. This approach, known as Managed Print Services, means clients can group the cost of a device that can perform multiple duties, along with all maintenance, servicing, toner and equipment supplies to produce a cost-per-print agreement. Managed print services focus on saving clients time and money through auditing total output costs for all printing, copying, scanning and faxing activities and streamlining these systems. Inland Technology works with clients throughout the entire process to ensure their business objectives are met, whether it is bottom line, environment or productivity, or all of the above. Inland Technology can manage your entire print fleet. We can apply the managed print services approach to multiple devices. We can network your devices to communicate with each other, and even with us. This means less time is spent by staff trying to rectify issues with the device, ordering toners and parts, and maintaining the machine. It also ensures your organisation is kept up to date with all the latest technology and upgrades available for your devices.

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